We offer a boutique corporate and private practice prepared to challenge convention and able to direct the action.

Working shoulder to shoulder with our customers we take responsibility, provide solutions and create positive outcomes.

Focused on developing long term relationships based on confidence and trust.

We believe in working as one with our private and corporate customers and developing a genuine connection to their specific children and family needs, core values and people. We aim to take responsibility, provide advice not options and where required to direct the action.

We avoid unwieldy, inefficient and unmanaged team structures which can be costly, slow and difficult for clients to work with. Our execution and delivery is provided by individual experienced social workers, investigators and consultants supported where required by specialists and other team members that are focussed, efficient and well managed.
We do not manage our work relationships departmentally. We believe multidisciplinary advice should be presented with the bigger picture in mind. Our people work in an environment which encourages this approach in our role.
We believe we should be able to advise on a range of difficult and confidential issues in addition to our primary areas of expertise and that our clients benefit from this more rounded approach and experience.
When external specialist or international expertise is required we use a network of preferred suppliers thereby ensuring execution is delivered confidentially, quickly, efficiently and reliably.
We are mindful that part of our value is in providing meaningful advice, experience and project management cost effectively.
Our mission is to be the go to agency for:
  • Handling delicate and difficult child access/contact and reports.  
  • International escort for vulnerable children and adults.
  • Child abduction, seek and find service, including hostage negotiation.
  • Pre and Post-Divorce guidance and consultation.
  • Personal  and family safety and security assessments especially for work related international deployments. 

 For more information call Kenn Griffiths in confidence 07831 612688.