About Us

Spring Garden Consultancy is the practice based arm of My Child Contact.com

Established in 1994 as part of Select Associates International Investigators Spring Garden consultancy’s role was to deliver specialised children and family based investigations and follow up therapy and training to individuals and organisations experiencing dysfunction and organisational disorder. Our dynamic and challenging solution focused approach has been widely acclaimed as one of the most successful problem solving, trouble shooting models in use today. We have a flexible and imaginative approach that can be specifically tailored to address the issues needed to bring about positive outcomes.

There is no exact shape to our work; it will be slightly different every time. The success relies on this ‘change of shape’ approach which underpins the whole of our team’s work.

Our director, Kenneth J Griffiths has 24 years experience as a Children and Families Social Worker. Qualified in Dispute Resolution, he has investigated and been involved in many child abduction cases. He has acted as expert witness on numerous occasions and has been used by the Children and Family Court Advisory And Support Service (CAFCASS) in Staffordshire and by their Difficult Contact Section in London.

As a Solution Focused Therapist Kenn’s vision permeates the whole of Spring Garden Consultancy’s practice and policies. Trained by Europe’s leading therapy training organisation ‘BRIEF Therapy Practice’, he uses his unique skills to bring about positive change in a wide variety of situations with individuals, families, businesses and private and public organisations.

He is regularly called upon to work with families who are experiencing difficult and delicate contact problems both as a contact supervisor and independent social worker.

Kenn was one of the original members of the initiative which led to the formation of Staffordshire County Council’s Intermediate Treatment Programme for Young Offenders. He served on Stoke on Trent’s Juvenile Liaison Panel, a multi agency group involving Staffordshire Probation, Education, Social Services and the Police. He was instrumental in the formation of the Staffordshire Court Diversion Scheme, another multi agency approach to adolescent crime. Ken has also been involved with Child Protection Investigations co-ordinating Health Authority, Police, Social Services and Housing colleagues in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Staffordshire and North Humberside. As a Guardian-ad-Litem he has been involved in a number of court cases involving multi agency co-ordination.

In 2001 Ken worked closely with Carmarthenshire County Council and other agencies to form and write their Policy and Procedures for Anti-Social Behaviour Problem Solving Groups. He has trained and helped to set up a Mediation Service in the Merthyr Tydfil area.