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Family Courts Without a Lawyer £29.50buy now
Family Courts Without a Lawyer £29.50
Lucy Reed (Author)
Going to Court over a divorce or contact with your children? This book will help non-lawyers represent themselves more confidently in court when resolving disputes over finances and child contact following a divorce or separation. Recently announced cut-backs mean that divorcing couples are not going to get legal representation in court paid for by legal aid. That, combined with the reluctance to spend money on costly legal fees in a time of economic uncertainty, means that many people are now representing themselves. Family Courts Without A Lawyer is unique in that, alongside clear, plain English explanations of the law and the procedures, it contains practical tips on what to say in court, how to prepare the paperwork for the judge and provides insights into the tactics of the other party’s lawyers. No other self-help divorce book provides this level of practical court know-how.

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