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There are many reasons why families have to resort to indirect contact. We are dedicated to assisting in this difficult area and have a specialist team who understand the need for a sensitive approach.

Research shows that professional help leads to a more positive experience for everyone concerned.

Here at My Child Contact.com we offer a safe and secure environment and guarantee confidentiality. We offer a contact service that meets the specific needs of individual cases. We have administrated tracking that is designed to stay in place for as long as needed.

Following a 'one off' administration set up charge of £29.99*, from as little as £6.00** we offer a totally dedicated and bespoke approach to solve your indirect contact problems.

As well as taking on the responsibility of managing the traditional ‘snail mail’ Contact Support Post Box.

We will facilitate the safe exchange of information including audio, video, photographic recordings and vet the contents where appropriate. We can organise audio, video and photographic uploads onto our unique LIFE STORY HERITAGE documents. These documents can then be safely and securely stored for life and released as a ‘LATER IN LIFE LETTER’ to their intended recipient.

For more information or a quote please call +44 (0)7831 612688

* inclusive of vat at the current rate **per single letter/email, including reply (un-censored).

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