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Application To Take A Child Abroad - Real Life
NJ v OV – A Mother’s application to take a child to Sweden
In the case of NJ and OV, the mother sought permission to permanently relocate to Sweden.
The Child, B, was 5 years old.
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The first working Monday in January is known in the legal profession as “Divorce Day” when those people who are considering a divorce, bite the bullet and seek advice from a Solicitor, having made up their mind over the Christmas and New Year period. Typically, January sees the number of divorce rates double.
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Are Children and Family Social Workers applying their Code of Ethics when deciding on child contact and access arrangements? With reports from clients indicating that child contact is either poorly administrated, rarely takes priority, uses inadequate facilities (one parent reports having contact to her twin 2 year old children in a Local Authority office's cleaning store?) and following Court proceedings dries up altogether! It seems that the Code of Ethics may well not be applied.
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What's PR ?

When a person has parental responsibility for a child, that person can make all of the important decisions concerning the child’s upbringing. This includes, for example, decisions about which school the child attends, what, if any, religion they should follow and also decisions about any medical treatment they should receive.
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Divorce financial planning: 8 tips to get what you need in a divorce. SOURCE: ROBERT PAGLIARINI MONEYWATCH

What should you do if you are in the middle of a divorce but feel at the end of your rope? When you simply can't take another day of nasty texts with your spouse or another day in mediation, it may seem like there is no end in sight. As a divorce financial adviser, I've seen the strongest people crumble and succumb to less than favorable terms because they just wanted the pain and the fighting to stop.
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