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Dad’s (text) thank you to expert Kenn Griffiths:

Hi Kenn it’s Barry Smith just wanted 2 say from all of us a big thankyou 2 U if it wasn’t 4U we would nt be seeing my son Todd evrythin goin ok court order now in place 4 contact an im also gettin parental responsibility of Todd from Todd’s mum she just got sigh form at solicitors cuz Liz was unable 2 go court due 2 having the baby so thankyou 4 all u done for me an my family an Todd THANKYOU VERY MUCH take care Barry.

Kenn Griffiiths recommendation:

I have been involved in a court case regarding child contact for the past 5 years. It has been a long, drawn out process and even the court itself has found it a difficult case to resolve. Amongst the anxiety and angst caused by such a case Kenn has been of huge benefit. His professionalism and work practises have made the complications and worries of the case so much easier for all concerned. Before Kenn became involved in our case we had made little headway and I did not trust that the system would keep my child safe. Since Kenn’s involvement there has been progress in the case and my worries have been greatly reduced. Kenn has turned a nightmare into something I am starting to be able to live with and I cannot thank him enough for that. If anyone needs help with issues relating to child contact than they could not do better than to get in touch with Kenn Griffiths.


Thank you for your time last night and I am so sorry that I kept interrupting you. I get so emotional and angry about the situation with E, especially with the latest CAFCASS report.

I only ever wanted a family, and to have a girl was an absolute dream come true.

I wonder what on earth I have ever done to deserve this.

Thank you again Ken for your advice and support. recommendation:

We had a court date on friday and must have been under more stress then I thought because as soon as it was over and outcome was as good as I could hope, my body just collapsed. I am much better now. I will send you the information you need asap, I have to go and do the schol pick up! I quicly wanted to respond so you know I haven't forgotton. You have no idea how good and positive it makes me feel that there is help and some body is accually willing to listen what I have to say.


E, Istanbul recommendation:

yes no problem you an use my questions in ur blog and thanks so much for always getting back to me. ur answers have always clarified my mind. if in the future i got anymore questions i wouldnt hesitate contacting you.

Many thanks


Mr PT via site feedback form:

I welcome this new initiative because it offers a nationwide service that's free of the factionalism, red tape and politics which so often beset local, mainly public sector, agencies. It seems to me to be free from bias and over-regulation, and refreshingly simple. As a communicator involved in social marketing, it's clear to me that the suppression of communication is a major social ill which can lead to unnecessary tension and misery, and will provide a valuable 'safety valve'.


Girlheit, via site feedback form:

Many thanks for sharing this helpful info with us.

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Goog morning, have not seen such a useful forum, this topic is rescued me. Thanks to the author,