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"She's my daughter, not his daughter.....why should I have to tell her what he's up to and doing, he left not me?"


How will you get your message across? How will your child know who you are and what you stand for?

You may decide to write letters or even better, keep a blog on your PC for your child to read later in life. Can you be sure no one else will read it, destroy it, even change it? What happens if you die? Then what?

With our Life Story Legacy you can be sure that what you want to say will be an exact record of your life, your feelings, your thoughts. 

Our Life Story Legacy is your document you can write, upload photographs, video’s or what ever else you decide and no-one, other than the person you nominate, will ever see it. 

Your Life Story Legacy will be safely and securely stored in one of the world’s most secure storage facilities designed to stand a terrorist attack.

Iron Mountain

Just imagine, your story, told by you in your words and pictures listened to and watched by the person you nominate at a time when any court orders that may prevent you now are over and done with. Your child, as an adult, realising that for all this time you really did care.

Now that’s worth doing!

Life Story Legacy: how it works?

Life Story Legacy: What does it look like?

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